2014 Ford Ranger Goes Off-Roading in New Zealand: Throwback Thursday

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Watch a New Zealand-issue 2014 Ford Ranger strut its stuff on an off-road course as part of a hands-on demonstration for prospective buyers.

The new Ford Ranger will arrive in American dealerships within the next two years and while we don’t know much about the next generation midsized pickup, we do know that the people who engineered the current truck from non-US markets will have some involvement with the new truck sold in the US. Since many people are unfamiliar with the non-US Ranger sold in markets like South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, we like to show off the capability these foreign-issue Ford trucks so that Americans know what to expect.

This week’s Throwback Thursday comes to us from the oparoozy YouTube channel and shows how well the 2014 Ranger handles the rigors of some mild off-roading.

2014 Ranger Vs The Elements

This video was captured during the “Ranger VS The World” program, where prospective buyers got a chance to drive the midsized Ford pickup on a short off-road course. This allowed them to safely experience the off-roading capabilities of the the smaller Ford truck in a closed environment with a product specialist riding shotgun.

2014 Ranger in water

The footage begins with the truck disappearing behind a large hill and thanks to the in-truck microphone, we can hear the product specialists talk about the hill-climb and hill-descent features as they do their thing. The 3.2L diesel-powered Ranger then climbs a large mound of logs before pushing through a pond that is about 27.5 inches deep with ease.

The drive ends with the Ranger navigating a muddy, rutted corner with uneven footing, showing how well the midsized pickup would handle a muddy trail.

Really, while most people buying a 2019 Ford Ranger wont be doing so to go off-roading, the capabilities of the current pickup sold around the world prove that the new US version should be a great truck for playing in the woods.

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