2013 Ford XLT EB is Truck Owner’s Self-made Masterpiece

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2013 Ford XLT EB

F-150 Forum‘s ‘Mike from TN’ calls it ‘not really a build, just my rig.’ But we simply call it, ‘badass.’

As we are apt to do here at Ford Truck Enthusiasts, we were blowing off our scheduled work this afternoon to catch up on some interesting threads on our brother site F-150 Forum when we came across a really cool thread that captured our full attention. Titled “Not Really a Build, Just My Rig!,” the post by forum member Mike from TN includes some great shots of his beautiful silver 2013 Ford XLT EB, which Mike says is “Not really modified, just accessorized!” Regardless of how you choose to define his Ford truck, it is worth a look. Just try not to become envious!

Mike also shares tips on how he expertly “accessorized” his ride, including the attention-grabbing headlights.

2013 Ford XLT EB

“The heads are ‘Spyders,'” says mike. “I ordered them through Amazon because of free shipping. They are plug-and-play units. There are alot of mixed reviews on them because the projectors are not very bright. I just replaced the bulbs with Sylvania ZXE units and am very happy with them.”

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