2013 Ford Escape Sees Second Recall in Months

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It seems the Escape can’t escape trouble. The first recall for the 2013 Escape was issued in July due to the fact that it might catch on fire at random due to defective fuel lines. Three cars burned for this. Two in Ford’s factory, and one with a customer in Canada (who suffered no injuries). Now, it’s facing the risk of fire once again.

According the NHTSA, Ford Escapes equipped with the 1.6 liter EcoBoost might have a faulty freeze plug. If that plug becomes dislocated, the engine will hemorrhage coolant. The danger (aside from overheating because there’s no coolant) is that the residue from the dried fluid could catch fire in the right conditions. It’s not quite as immediate a danger as leaky fuel lines, but if left unchecked it could create a dangerous condition.

Recalls began on September 10th. The fix involves sealing the current plug and adding another plug cover.

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