2013 F-150 Creates Clouds with an Open Diff: Tire Smokin’ Tuesday

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Watch this 2013 Ford F150 make a monstrous amount of smoke while spinning only one tire.

This week’s Tire Smokin Tuesday video comes to us from the YouTube account of Nate Bulmer and it features a 2013 Ford F150 STX doing a couple of massive burnouts. There are no details available for this particular truck, but the standard engine option with the 2013 F150 STX was the 3.7L base V6 with 302 horsepower and 278lb-ft of torque. Based on the sound of this truck while doing burnouts and the fact that it only spins one wheel – we are going go to out on a fairly sturdy limb and guess that this truck is powered by the stock, base engine.

However, that doesn’t stop this half-ton Ford from doing some wicked burnouts.

Slaying the Tire

When the video begins, we watch from the passenger’s side rear as the 2013 F150 STX does the first burnout. Within seconds, the tire that we can see has smoke pouring from it, but after 13 seconds, the burnout stops and the driver voices his displeasure with the traction control system. We can assume that he quickly turns the traction control off, as the driver gets right back to the burnout action as the camera moves across the front to give us a different perspective of the fun.

2013 F-150 Huge Burnout

At that point, there is so much smoke that this F150 might be smoking both tires as the truck races off into the distance. When the truck comes back for another burnout with the driver’s side facing the camera, we can clearly see that the near-rear-tire is not spinning.  Fortunately, this F150 spins that one tire long enough and hard enough to create an incredible amount of smoke.

Finally, the video ends with a closer look at the carnage on the pavement, showing the single pile of molten rubber at each location.

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