2013 Explorer Sport Gets 365 Horsepower

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If there’s one thing that Ford has been extremely good about in the past few years, it’s power. The new Mustangs are some of the most powerful cars on the road right now, and the Ford Explorer Sport is setting up to be one of the best compromises between power and usability among SUV’s in it’s price range.

The new truck will come equipped the 365 horsepower EcoBoost V6 that you can find in the Taurus SHO. The outgoing Explorer Sport made 290 hp with it’s naturally aspirated V6. Clearly, the jump from old to new is pretty big, but the most important difference is the gap between the 240 hp of the base model and the EcoBoost V6.

The best part about EcoBoost is the mileage. It’s rated at a 16 MPG city and a (comparatively excellent) 22mpg highway. Mind you, this is in a 365hp full-size SUV that can seat seven. In truth the four cylinder isn’t that much better, as it only gets 20mpg city and 28mpg highway. Those numbers tell us that the V6 is a better fit for the Explorer by far.

What might make it a little bit hard to stomach is the price. The EcoBoost Sport costs $41,545. That makes it the most expensive Explorer you can buy. But, if you’re looking to get rid of an older SUV and move up into something with better mileage and more power, this isn’t a bad choice.

Is it worth it? Tell us what you think of the new Explorer Sport in the forums!

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