2012 F150 SVT Raptor Video Makes Us Want To Get Dirty

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By Nick Scepanovic

You ever read the fine print of an automotive commercial and get jealous?  You know, the part that says “Closed course. Professional driver.”

Well here’s a video that takes the cake for creating pangs of jealousy. When I watch these 2012 SVT Raptors tearing up that closed course, I can’t help but think I’m not really living my life to the fullest.  I’m just not getting nearly dirty enough.

It’s also interesting that the warning at the beginning includes the following: “Know your vehicle, the course, and the required equipment before high speed off-roading.” I assume this is a message to those Raptor frame benders who came back from their high speed off-roading adventure with crooked trucks. But if you watch the following video, it doesn’t look like these guys had any problems at all!

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