2011 Weekend on the Edge Event Results and Pictures

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Weekend on the Edge 2011 was an awesome competition and display of diesel power! Edge Products are already making plans for 2012. Below you will find the results from the Drag Races, Dyno, and Sled Pulls. 

Drag Racing Winners from Friday August 19 at Rocky Mountain Raceways.

ET Bracket Class
1st Chris Kendall Rock Springs 15.00 14.99 91.00
2nd Karl Matin Riverton 16.13 16.10 82.66

Quick Diesel sponsored by New Era Diesel
1st Lynn Ross Marblehead, OH 12.14 103.92
2nd Jason Hurt North Ogden 12.62 115.26

1st Dimitri Millard Highland 10.30 133.13
2nd Josh Gruvs Zimmerman MN 10.51 131.63


Edge Products August 20th, Dyno Winners

-Highest Horsepower Overall 1st: Custom Auto 2001 GM 1356.9 HP 2173.8 TQ
-Highest Horsepower Overall 2nd: Alligator Performance 2006 GM 1099 HP 1852 TQ
-Highest Horsepower Overall 3rd: Johnny Curtice 2005 Dodge 879 HP 1326.9 TQ
-Highest Horsepower for Dodge 1st: Lance Croft 2004 Dodge 840.4 HP 1588.7 TQ (excludes overall winners)
-Highest Horsepower for Ford 1st: Houston Denter 2010 Ford 563.5 HP 1169 TQ (excludes overall winners)
-Highest Horsepower for GM 1st: Zach Fuller2005 GM 842.6 HP 1468.1 TQ (excludes overall winners)
-Highest Horsepower Fummins 1st: Greg Lance 2002 Ford Body Cummins Engine 679.6 HP 1306.8 TQ
-Highest Horsepower on Diesel Only: Alligator Performance 2006 GM 1026 HP 1654 TQ
-Lowest Horsepower: Colby Neeley 1985 GM S10 39.5 HP 75.4 TQ
-Lowest Torque: John Hall 2001 Ford 229.2 HP 453.7 TQ (Excluding lowest HP winner)


Pioneer Stadium August 20th, Sled Pulling Winners

Mod class-
1st- Ken Jones Ogden, Utah 288.8 ft
2nd- Terry Thain North Logan, UT 272.1
3rd- Jason Stott Rock Springs,WY 269.6

Super Street-
1st- Jefferson Broady Divide, CO 282.3
2nd- Todd Reinert Pinedale, WY 260.5
3rd- Jeremy Neff Elko, NV 256.7

3.0 Class sponsored by Premier Performance
1st- Tom Hansen Grantsville, UT 271.3
2nd-Rowdy Bydalek Fort Lupton,CO 268.1
3rd- Todd Reinert Pinedale, WY 265.3

2.6 Class sponsored by Industrial Injection
1st- Rowdy Bydalek Fort Lupton, CO 269.9
2nd- Chris Vorhies Lakewood, CO 266.4
3rd- Tom Hansen Grantsville, UT 265.9

Workstock Class
1st- Chris Kendall Rock Springs, WY 286.4
2nd- Chris Stecklein Idaho Falls, ID 280.9 *tie
2nd- Sean Garn Fielding, UT 280.9* tie
3rd- Matt Martinez Plain City, UT 280.7
To view more results and pictures visit www.weekendontheedge.com/.

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