2011 Ford Super Duty Trailer Sway Control

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The new 2011 Ford Super Duty truck will carry Ford’s popular Trailer Sway Control system in combination with AdvanceTrac and Roll Stability Control, now standard with all single rear wheel Ford Super Duty trucks.

The AdvanceTrac feature keeps track of the truck’s movements if a trailer is connected using software designed to monitor the movements. Trailer Sway Control can decide on its own when the trailer is swaying back and forth and then decrease engine forces or use the brakes to decrease the trailer sway. This feedback system gives the driver a little help and allows them to concentrate on the job at hand.

Ford is also making available on all 2011 Ford Super Duty trucks a factory-installed integrated trailer brake controller that allows for smoother and safer truck operations while towing. Once the truck’s ABS system is working, the special trailer brake starts to work to decrease the chance of the trailer wheels locking up. This means that during a trailer sway event 2011 Super Duty trucks using Trailer Brake Control and towing trailers implementing electric brakes allow the trailer brake controller to use the brakes to help keep the trailer stable.

Tow a lot? How have you liked these features in the past? Do they make a difference? Have any suggestions for improvements?

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