2011 Ford Super Duty Overview

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The 2011 Ford Super Duty is one of Ford’s benchmark model. This review will include some of the specs, pricing, engine, and other parts of this built Ford tough truck.


There are many models of the Ford Super Duty. They range from the F-250 to the F-450, and there are also different trim models of those specific trucks as well, making for 12 different pricing options. The base model F-250 XL starts at $29,000. The highest model, the F-450 King Ranch will run you over $62,000. The other models all range in between those two, with many options to chose from.


The engine in the Ford Super Duty can come as both a gas and a diesel engine. The gasoline engine is a 6.2 liter V8 engine, while the diesel engine is a 6.7 liter power stroke V8 turbo engine. There is an upgrade for a 6.8 liter V10 gasoline engine as well. The diesel engine is one of the cleanest diesel engines built and passes the strict emissions tests for diesel vehicles.The engines are more fuel efficient than past models. The diesel is offering an 18% improvement, while the gas is 15% better than the last model. Trucks have low fuel efficiency ratings to start with, so any improvement is a big benefit. The advantage of these engines though is the extreme power that they can provide, which will be great for its towing capabilities. Depending on what model and engine you choose, you can tow anywhere between 12000 and 16000 pounds. The engine is also now turbocharged which provides even more power. 

The primary drivetrain is a 4×4 model perfect for off road and winter driving, although there is also a 4×2 drivetrain as well. 

Interior & Exterior

On the exterior, the truck can come as a regular or an extended cab. The truck is built of heavy duty steel that helps have best in class towing, as well as payload. It also comes with many accessories to enable the truck to tow different things like a boat, car, etc. On the inside, you can soup up your Ford truck with a DVD or navigation system. There is also voice controlled systems available to work your stereo and audio from your iPod or other MP3 players.

Overall, the Ford Super Duty truck has many different options for your needs. Whether you want a truck for work, or a truck to tow a boat, or a truck to do some off road driving, the Super Duty can fit any and all of your needs.

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