2011 Ford Ranger Revealed

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2011 Ford Ranger Revealed

Ford Motor Company originally put its new Ranger on hold indefinitely because of soaring gas prices. Fuel economy is at the forefront of concerns for Americans who drive more than five miles to work everyday. Since the 2011 Ford Ranger has been revealed, the critics have come out of the woodwork with speculations running rampant with concerns about a weak economy and fuel costs that are constantly fluctuating.

Critics are speculating that the only way that the 2011 Ford Ranger will see success is if it is drastically scaled-down from its predecessors and offers a better fuel economy and better price point than its predecessors.

Features of the 2011 Ford Ranger

The 2011 Ford Ranger will sport a smaller cab offering no standard extended cab like the F150. The Ranger will be manufactured with thinner, high-strength steel for its frame. The hood and tailgate will be made of aluminum. The standard features of the 2011 Ford Ranger include traction control, anti-lock brakes and full-length curtain side airbags.

Advantages of the 2011 Ford Ranger

Ford has pulled the F100 back to the forefront since its retirement in 1983. Ford has decided to adhere to the needs of the consumer and the demands of a badly bruised economy. This approach saves Ford money since they are borrowing a body-design from the 2012 Ford F150 which will be manufactured in the same plants. The lower cost to Ford will trickle down to the consumer. With its smaller body and mainstay design the 2011 Ford Ranger is managing to maintain its reputation, worthiness, and popularity.

Ford is revising their vehicles to adhere to the government’s mandated rise in light-truck fuel economy from 20.5 mpg to 28.6 mpg by the year 2015. The 2011 Ford Ranger is Ford’s first mid-size truck which translates into a lighter truck with better fuel-economy.

What do you think? Better fuel economy or a watered down version of a legendary compact truck?
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