2011 Ford Ranger Overview

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  The 2011 Ford Ranger truck is a long time in the making and development. Many people are very happy to hear that Ford has officially announced the 2011 model of this vehicle, as there was a period of time in which the company planned to discontinue development on this line of trucks due to high gas prices and other concerns. As with many other Ford vehicles, the Ranger was not the most fuel efficient or environmentally friendly option available for those in search of a larger vehicle, and this has come to hurt Ford in terms of sales over the past several years. The Ranger was one of the offenders in this sense, and Ford considered retiring the line. At this point, however, the plans have resumed to create a 2011 model of the Ranger. Read on for a brief overview of some of the specs and changes of this Ford Ranger as compared with previous versions of the vehicle.

Changes from Earlier Models

One of the stipulations under which Ford resumed production details on the 2011 Ford Ranger was that it be more fuel efficient. Thus, there are several different changes to the vehicle that will allow it to fit in better with the current vehicle climate and demands from consumers the world over. First of all, the cabin space will be smaller in the 2011 Ranger than in earlier versions of the truck. This will not severely limit the amount of seating that is available in the Ford Ranger, but it will make the cabin lighter and, therefore, easier to transport with less fuel. The cabin will not have a fully extended model along the lines of the Ford F150 pickup truck.

In terms of the frame of the vehicle, the 2011 Ford Ranger will also have some changes. While the design will remain the same, Ford is experimenting with lighter models of steel to use on the frame itself. This will cut down the total weight of the vehicle, thereby once again helping to make it even more fuel efficient. The change to the frame will also, hopefully, increase the handling capabilities of the Ford Ranger as well.


The tailgate and hood of the Ranger will be made from aluminum pieces, rather than the standard steel. Additionally, the truck will come standard with full length curtain style airbags along the sides of the cabin, anti-lock breaks and traction control. Additional add ons include heated seats, GPS systems, four wheel drive capability and much more.

The engine will remain largely the same for the 2011 Ford Ranger, which will be a 3.5 liter V6 model engine. This has proven to be powerful enough for the vehicle in previous designs, and should be even more powerful on a smaller, lighter car such as the 2011 Ranger.

Ford expects to release the 2011 Ranger in fall of 2010. Contact a dealer for more information.

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