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  • The 2011 Ford Fiesta adheres to the same noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) control principles as larger Ford car lines, delivers class-leading quietness
  • Fiesta highway wind noise at 80 mph is 10 percent quieter than a Honda Fit and still quieter than the Toyota Corolla
  • The Fiesta body structure was designed with ultra-high-strength steels for rigidity, resulting in a quiet, rattle-free ride
  • Using the global Fiesta as a platform, the North American Fiesta team enhanced NVH control for the market-specific PowerShift transmission and all-season tires

SAN FRANCISCO, April 19, 2010 – The 2011 Ford Fiesta delivers big car quiet in a small car package through the application of principles that until now have typically only gone into the development of bigger, more expensive cars.

"The global Ford Fiesta platform really raised the bar for small car quiet," said Vehicle NVH Supervisor David Snyder. "For the North American market, we started with an inherently quiet package, enhancing it specifically to accommodate the all-new PowerShift transmission, all-season tires and discriminating customer expectations."

Fiesta quiet begins with a rigid body structure, half of which is created from ultra-high-strength steels such as boron. These lightweight yet strong alloys give the Fiesta body rigidity, helping to keep the finished vehicle tight and rattle-free.

The stiff Fiesta body structure, NVH control actions taken and a slippery aerodynamic design combine to deliver ten percent less highway wind noise at 80 mph than a Honda Fit. In the same measure, Fiesta is quieter than both Toyota Yaris and Corolla.

Transformational transmission tuned
The PowerShift automatic is a North American Fiesta-exclusive offering. This unique transmission – based on hyper-efficient manual transmission technology – provides the convenience of a traditional automatic while offering the mechanical efficiency of a manually shifted gearbox.

The PowerShift automatic is a key factor in helping the Fiesta deliver up to an estimated 40 mpg highway.

PowerShift-specific Fiesta engine and transmission mounts were specially tuned to virtually eliminate driveline noise. This advanced transmission also features micro-slip, a technology that actually induces minimal clutch slip for smooth gear changes and isolation of engine vibration as an NVH control action.

Quiet in all seasons
To preserve the dynamic driving characteristics of the global Fiesta package while accommodating all-season tires, the North American development team added specially tuned shock absorber valving, increased front spring rates and damping.

These actions result in the North American Fiesta sharing the same engaging driving dynamics with its global counterpart, with reduced noise from the suspension and tires.

Uncompromisingly quiet
Multiple enhancements were made to Fiesta’s interior NVH control package to meet the unique expectations of North American drivers. These include:

  • Acoustic-laminated windshield, reducing wind noise
  • Wind tunnel-optimized side-view mirrors, reducing wind noise
  • Stiffened door modules, reducing the potential for rattles
  • Roof-mounted antenna for less wind noise and improved aerodynamics
  • Wind noise-optimized grille for reduced wind noise
  • Enhanced hood seal for reduced engine noise
  • Additional sound-absorbent material for a quieter interior environment
  • Revised seals for reduced wind noise

"The Fiesta delivers the refinement and quietness of a larger, more expensive car" said Snyder. "This combined with the expected class-leading fuel economy of up to 40 highway miles per gallon make the Fiesta a compelling alternative for small car buyers."

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