2011 Ford F-150 Overview

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The 2011 F 150 by Ford is an exciting update to the standard truck that serves as one of Ford’s most iconic vehicles. There will likely be few exterior and accessories changes to the newest model of the vehicle, but many fans and customers alike are excited by the prospect of exciting developments and innovations to the engine and drivetrain on the new model of this vehicle. For a more complete breakdown of price, specs and accessories in the 2011 F 150 truck, read on.


It is expected, although not confirmed, that the interior of the 2011 Ford F 150 will feature Ford’s revolutionary 3.5 liter V6 engine based on an EcoBoost model. This engine has proven to be completely successful with the larger F 250 model in the F-series lineup, and most people expect that it’s only a question of how long Ford will wait before putting it in the F 150 as well. In addition to added horsepower and torque capabilities, which are crucial for a working truck like the F 150, the added power will help to improve the gas mileage of the car, considering that the new engine is more efficient than the engines in previous models.


Do not expect too many large changes to the exterior of the Ford F 150 for the new model year. Ford has determined that the public is generally quite happy with the appearance of the exterior of the vehicle, and so it’s unlikely that you’ll see anything more significant than some slight tweaks to the grille, mirrors and other fixtures. A major redesign of the body is not in the works at any point in the near future, as far as anyone outside of Ford is aware.

Price and Other Considerations

The newest model of the Ford F 150 will be priced in a comparable way to the previous years’ models. Expect the baseline cost of the truck to be in the high $20,000s range, with added features like all wheel drive, leather seats, GPS system and more increasing the overall profile of the vehicle as well as the cost by several thousand. There may be added engine upgrades that are available as well, although this isn’t confirmed at this point. The Ford F 150 2011 model will be unveiled in the fall of 2010 along with the rest of Ford’s newest vehicles for the upcoming model year.

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