2011 Ford Explorer Review

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2011 Ford Explorer Car Review

The new 2011 Ford Explorer arrives with a redesign to help tackle the competition in this SUV market segment. Ford has put some thought into change in the 2011 model to help the 2011 Ford Explorer dispel some previous ideas about prior model years, where some drivers may have found the interior too drab or cheap-looking. The 2011 model also comes with new engines and more modern engineering for the road ahead, which will help it to go up against others in the pack, such as the Toyota Highlander or Honda Pilot. Some call the 2011 Ford Explorer a continuation of the maker’s decision to create a “car-like” SUV design that blends decent fuel economy with roomier spaces, offering an alternative to the larger lumbering class of super-SUVs that came of age in the last few decades. Whatever it is, the 2011 Explorer is something that a lot of auto fans have an eye on for this model year.

Power and Performance

For the  power specs on the 2011 for Explorer, buyers choose between a V6 engine with 290 horsepower or a turbo four-cylinder with 237. Both of these engines are expected to get much better fuel economy than outgoing blocks for the 2010 models, giving the new Explorer more pep for less pain at the pump. All-wheel drive is optional for the V6, along with a proprietary management system from Ford that helps adjust for tough terrains.

Inside the 2011 Ford Explorer

Inside this good-sized SUV, shoppers can see that this is truly a seven passenger vehicle, with consideration for those in the back, including specialized safety features in the third-row and actual room for an entire person. Another great interior feature is the uncluttered dash, where a center console provides convenient controls.

Ford Technology in the 2011 Ford Explorer

Buyers of this Ford SUV also get a lot of new technology from the manufacturer. On models outfitted for towing, a backup camera is available for helping to hook up to the hitch. Buyers can also get Ford’s Sync electronics system for integrating cell phones or personal devices, along with other neat gear like Ford’s Curve Control safety feature that helps to provide enhanced braking. More safety is built into this ride, including innovative safety belts designed to inflate for better protection of different sizes and ages of passengers.

Drivers who are looking for the latest from the American manufacturer best poised to remain a fixture on the North American market could do well to take a look at what the 2011 Ford Explorer can offer their family fleets, including the numbers on fuel economy when more reviews get done throughout the year.

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