2011 Ford Explorer Overview

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Because of the decline in popularity of SUVs overall in the past few years, Ford has redesigned the 2011 Ford Explorer to feature a slimmer, smaller and more crossover-type body. This will make the 2011 model of this vehicle even less of a full size SUV than it was previously, and will also make it one of the most significantly altered vehicles in the Ford lineup for this upcoming model year. Many of the specs, accessories and other features of the vehicle, including the drivetrain, will remain the same though.


Interior and Exterior

The engine of the 2011 Explorer will be a 2.0 liter EcoBoost system that is capable of 230 horsepower. While this may seem like a slight decline in power from the previous models of this vehicle, the end result is that the vehicle will feel just as powerful as it has in the past. This is because the body of the car is also undergoing a redesign that will cause it to be slimmer and lighter in weight. However, the interior space is still amply sized for several passengers, and there is plenty of cargo space as well. The seats will likely be foldable and removable in the case of additional cargo space needs, as is customary with Ford vehicles of this size and at this time.

Although Ford has been keeping the exterior of the new 2011 model of the Ford Explorer a secret, they have released several teaser pictures of portions of the car. This will likely be all that most people in the public get to see until the vehicle is officially released in the fall of 2010. Up until that time, however, speculation has centered around a remodeled idea of the Explorer body that places it closer to a crossover or compact SUV than to its previous full size SUV body frame.

Price and Other Considerations

It is expected that the 2011 Ford Explorers will come in a wide array of different trim types and with a huge assortment of top of the line accessories available. The baseline models will be priced at around $30,000 and will feature rear wheel drive only. For an expanded engine capacity and for all wheel drive, you’ll need to purchase an upgraded trim model for several thousand dollars more.

For more information about the upcoming Ford Explorer for the 2011 model year, speak with a Ford dealer near you.

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