2010 Ford Escape Review and Model Lineup

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If you’re giving thought to buying a 2010 Ford Escape, the first question that will come (beyond looking for a review) is whether you want to buy new or used. At least for the first part of 2010 you should still be able to find them on the dealer showroom. Finding a used 2010 Ford Escape might be a little trickier, but it should still be doable. Of course, you have to wonder why someone would want to get rid of the vehicle so soon. In that case it might make more sense to look for a used vehicle at your dealer ““ someone could have traded it in on something else.

New Innovations for the 2010 Model

The 2008 Ford Focus saw a major overhaul in terms of the exterior appearance of the vehicle. With the 2009 model year new power trains across the board along with some minor tweaks to the exterior for increased fuel efficiency made for vehicles that delivered better performance while at the same time using less fuel. The changes for 2010 are less modest in some ways, but many of them are focused on safety. A MyKeyâ„¢ teen-safety technology is a new feature. So are integrated spotter mirrors. Both of these come standard on most of the versions of the vehicle. In addition you can get a rear camera as an option. SYNC with real time traffic information is another option that’s available. The 2010 Ford Escape is also the first SUV in North America to offer a parking assist system.

New or Used

A big question comes to play as to whether you should buy used or new. With new you get a full factory warranty, but you also get subjected to the type of depreciation that occurs as soon as you drive a car off the lot. The difference in price between a new car and a used one will always mean that you lose money in the short run when you buy new. It’s sort of a tradeoff because you get the extra satisfaction of having a new car and the quality guarantee of knowing exactly what has and has not be done to the vehicle. You will also never need to wonder if the previous owner “drove it hard” or in some other way abused the SUV. You have to ask yourself what that is worth to you.  

Another consideration in this particular part of the decision, though, is that if you find a used 2010 Ford Escape from a private owner, you have to wonder why they want to get rid of it. Has something happened to the car (wrecked and repaired) for instance that makes it a vehicle they no longer want to have? Have they racked up so many miles in it that it’s about out of warranty (and considered an extreme usage vehicle)? These are questions you need to ask when buying a used car that’s as new as this.

Getting a 2010 Ford Escape could be a great decision. These cars have obviously not been around enough to have any reviews in terms of how well they perform for the long haul. The years leading up to the recent redesigns found the Escapes to be relatively trouble-free vehicles. It’s possible that the 2010 model will be, too ““ but there’s no guarantee. The Ford Escape is a vehicle that’s been popular with owners over the years, so whether you choose all-wheel or front-wheel drive, four-cylinder or six or even the hybrid, you can be assured that you’ve bought a car that has a heritage of being a reliable vehicle.

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