2009 Ford F150: Twelfth Generation

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The 2009 Ford F150 was rolled out late in 2008, and this new F150 met greater reviews than any previous generation.  The engineers of the F150 aimed to make the 2009 F150 the most capable half ton truck ever built, and their efforts were well worth the time.  The 2009 F150 features more interior cargo room, more hauling capacity, and more towing capacity than any previous F150 as well as any truck in it’s class.  The base model engine is a 4.6L V8 making 248 horsepower and offering fuel economy similar to other half ton trucks with V6 engines.  The mid level engine is a 4.6L 3V engine making 292 horsepower, and the premium engine is an improved 5.4L Triton making 310 horsepower.

In order to make the 2009 F150 more work-friendly, they offer their new Ford Work Solution system.  This allows the 2009 F150 to track other vehicles in the fleet, monitor tools or high priced cargo in the bed, and it even features an onboard computer with spreadsheet and word document printing capabilities, making the 2009 F150 a virtual rolling office.  An adjustable bedrail system and flat rear floor in the extended cab models allow for more cargo space than any other half ton truck.
The 2009 Ford F150 is available as with bed lengths of 5.5′, 6.5′, 6.5′ Flareside, and 8.0′, matched to a regular cab, super cab, crew cab, or the super crew.  The 2009 Ford F150 is available in the following trimlines:
King Ranch

The newest addition to the F150 lineup is the Platinum. The 2009 F150 Platinum offers a luxury feel to the most versatile and capable truck in the half ton truck market with bright silver interior upgrades, plush leather bucket seats, climate control, a rear camera that displays in the rear view mirror, and of course, a state of the art touch screen AV system featuring navigation.  There are rumors of both a diesel F150 as well as a 2010 F150 powered by Ford’s EcoBoost V6, but to date, those both remain unsubstantiated rumors.

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