2008 Ford Escape Review and Model Lineup

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If you are considering buying a 2008 Ford Escape, you might have trouble trying to find a review of the vehicle. You will probably be able to find reviews from industry critics who test drove it. They haven’t been on the road long enough to have amassed reviews from the people who really count ““ mechanics and owners. Still, if the 2006 and 2007 Ford Escapes are any indication, the 2008 version should be reasonably trouble free.

Updated for 2008 Model Year

The 2008 Ford Escape had some major redesigns made to it. The exterior was given a more rugged look. The interior was also redesigned. They made changes to reduce the noise level inside the cabin and give it a smoother ride. The hybrid system, while using the same power train, had a new software set up added to allow it to run on electric only more often than before ““ giving it better gas mileage, depending on your driving situation.

Hybrid Might be A Great Option

In many ways Ford was ahead of the curve in getting a hybrid version of the Escape out. By the 2008 model year the greener car movement had really become more mainstream. The average owner should see fuel savings over a standard engine (if you do purely highway driving and long distances, it might not be the case).


Without reliability reviews around, we can make some assessments based on earlier models. The 2008 Ford Escape looks quite a bit different, but the power train is the same one that was used for several years prior. Since that got great reliability reviews, it would seem a safe bet that this one will.

Still Holds Up Against the Competition

When the Ford Escape first debuted it was well above the competition. The SUV that drove like a car had everything going for it. Since then, the other automakers had been playing catch up ““ with the Escape as the measure of success. By the time the 2008 model arrived the competition had done their work well. That means that while the 2008 Ford Escape is still a good choice, it might be worth looking at some of the other options out there (Honda, Hyundai) because their vehicles rival this one.


The bumper to bumper warranty on any used 2008 Ford Escape will be gone ““ or close to it ““ depending on the date of purchase. However, the power train came with a 5 year / 60,000 mile warranty. Keep that in mind when looking for your vehicle. If it’s exhausted or close to it, you should only consider the vehicle if you get a very good price. That kind of mileage means you are missing out on a potential warranty, but it also means the SUV was driven a lot more than the average amount. If the specific vehicle you are considering buying has less than 60,000 miles you will get the remainder of the warranty. That is a bonus ““ kind of like getting the benefits of a new car purchase without the depreciation.

Remember that whenever you buy a used vehicle you should have it inspected before purchasing. If it hasn’t been properly cared for you could be in for trouble. Of course, with a vehicle that’s still under warranty, that problem is reduced, but to keep the warranty valid the owner will need to have kept up with maintenance ““ and be able to prove that. Ask to see the maintenance record and if you buy the vehicle be sure you get it to keep it. You have several options in terms of styles and trim packages with the 2008 Ford Escape from the hybrid to the XLS, XLT or Limited. Decide on which you want and research it well and then the search is on for you.

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