2007 Ford F-150 is the Muddiest Truck Ever

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This video features a 2007 Ford F-150 playing around in a sloppy field and while the jacked up half ton gets a little hung up right in front of the camera, the fact that this truck is coated from top to bottom in mud makes it too good to pass up.

Typically, we like to feature Ford F-150 pickups dominating in the mud pits and in this piece, the truck has to do some digging to get through what seems like fairly shallow yet incredibly thick mud with deep ruts throughout this grassy area.

This F-150 is already pretty muddy when the video begins, but as the truck makes its way towards the camera, it gradually plasters the entire truck in mud and when it gets stuck for a short time right in front of the camera, the mud really gets flying.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy this mud-coated F-150.

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