2007 Ford Explorer Sport Trac Ride and Drive, Part Two

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By Matt Bennett

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4 foot box, which is the biggest difference between the Explorer
Sport Trac and “legendary” Explorer SUV, offers a number
of features to make it both practical and efficient. Three
weather-resistant integrated tool and gear bins with drain plugs are
provided for storage. I thought they were a very good use of space.
A 12 volt power point is conveniently placed on the inside of the box
on the passenger’s side near the rear. This allows you to
power coolers, lights, etc. The standard two-tier storage ability in
the box is designed to work with the optional bed extender and hard
tonneau cover to help give the customer more flexibility when
carrying different loads. The cargo bed tie downs on the outside of
the box are a nice touch as well.

tailgate uses the same torsion spring setup that was designed in the
F-150. This helps reduce effort when opening or closing it. I could
easily close the tailgate with one finger.

interior of the Sport Trac shares it’s characteristics with the
Explorer SUV and was inspired by the F-150. The layout of the dash
and controls is a very simple, yet effective, design. I am 6’4”
tall and sometimes have problems, in other vehicles, seeing all the
features in the instrument cluster. Usually the top inch or two is
cut off by the top of the steering wheel. Not so in the Sport Trac.
I could see everything without having to move my head from the
straight forward position.

interior is designed in such a way so that is practical as well as
comfortable. The floor of the vehicle is a rubber covering that
allows you to either hose it out or wipe it down. This is very good
if you live in an area where there is snow and salt or you are
getting into the vehicle with muddy boots or shoes. The legroom in
the Sport Trac is the highest in its class. The rear offers 36.8
inches and 79.3 inches combined (front and back). Even from a tall
person’s perspective I had no problem sitting in the front or
the back and was comfortable.

Limited model of the Sport Trac offered either two-tone leather
trimmed or cloth seats. The test vehicle I drove had the leather
seats. They were comfortable and looked classy. Because it was the
Limited model the driver’s seat was 10-way power adjustable.
Very nice! The leather-wrapped steering wheel (Limited model only)
had buttons that allowed you to set the cruise as well as operate the
radio and some heater controls (fan speed, temperature, etc.)

climate control is offered in the Limited model only. Also, the
high-series floor console is offered as well. This puts the leather
gear shifter between the driver and passenger and is inspired from
the F-150. The doors were nicely setup and had the armrest in the
correct position. My only complaint would be that they placed the
handle, to close the door, closer to the door hinges. This made it a
little difficult to close or made it so I had to open and close it
again because it was not closed properly. I would have rather had
the cutout in the armrest which would have given more leverage to
close it.

The Sport Trac also
features a class exclusive heated front windshield. This allows you
to melt snow and ice at the push of a button. This is a very nice
feature especially for those in the colder climates. Heated front
seats are optional as well. The buttons are located on the dash
easily within reach of both the driver and passenger.

A single disc CD
player with MP3 compatibility and AM/FM radio is standard. An
optional 6 Disc CD player with MP3, AM/FM and powered subwoofer is
offered. Also available is a SIRIUS satellite digital audio receiver
that is integrated into the unit. The audio system is the same one
used in the F-150 and Super Duty trucks. It is a nice stock unit.

Those are just some of
the features that are available on the 2007 Explorer Sport Trac.
Overall, I believe Ford has an EXCELLENT product here that will meet
the needs of customers that would like a truck but not require a
full-size. Now, if I could just start saving up some money!

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