2007 Ford Explorer Review and Model Lineup

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The popular 2006 and 2007 Ford Explorer SUV has earned an excellent rating in terms of reliability. A good thing, especially when looking to buy accessories and other items to fit it with.

New For the 2007 Model Year

The 2006 model year saw the Ford Explorer redesigned inside and out. 2007 didn’t see changes anywhere near as drastic, but there were quite a few. The most severe change was the discontinuation of the XLS trim style for the 2007 model year. That still left the XLT, Eddie Bauer and Limited trim styles. Reverse sensing systems became standard for 2007. A canopy side air curtain system was made standard on the Eddie Bauer and Limited trim styles. An audio input jack was added to all the radios across the line. An Iron Man package was new for the XLT models and that included 18-inch machined-aluminum wheels.


When buying a used 2007 Ford Explorer you should keep the manufacturer’s warranty in mind. The bumper to bumper on the vehicle was a 3 year, 36,000 mile warranty ““ so that is used up by 2010. The power train warranty, though, was 5 years or 60,000 miles ““ so depending on mileage it should still have some time left on it. That’s a bonus when buying ““ but you can’t just count on it. For one thing, in order for a warranty to be honored the owner has to have kept up the required maintenance ““ and be able to prove it. Ask to see the maintenance records and make sure you are given them if you purchase the truck. Make sure they did all the maintenance that’s required and have it properly documented. Also, if the car is past the mileage for the warranty, you should get a significant price reduction. Not only are you getting no warranty, but the vehicle has been driven more than the average vehicle ““ creating its own set of potential problems.


Earlier models of Ford Explorers had spotty reliability. Feedback from owners and mechanics alike show that starting with the 2006 model these vehicles were extremely reliable. The problems tended to be infrequent and were fairly inexpensive to repair.


The redesign the previous year increased the performance by boosting the horsepower. At the same time a new six-speed automatic transmission actually reduced the fuel consumption. That, coupled with the increased reliability, make the 2006 and 2007 models heads above the previous years.

Getting a used 2007 Ford Explorer could be a purchase you enjoy for a very long time. Remember, though, that no matter how reliable a specific model of vehicle is overall, there can be problems from specific car to specific car. A lot of that has to do with the way the vehicle has been cared for ““ or whether it’s been abused in that way. The best answer when buying any used vehicle is to have it professionally inspected before purchasing. If the one you are looking to buy still has some of its warranty in effect it’s not as critical. On the other hand, if the vehicle has enough mileage to push it outside the warranty range, this is even more important. You don’t want to buy a vehicle that will quickly become a money pit.

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