2007 Ford Escape Review and Model Lineup

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Buying a used 2007 Ford Escape could be a good plan and looking for a review of the vehicle is a good first step. Since most of them are probably out of their manufacturer’s warranty by now, you should be able to get a good deal. You should still be able to find one with reasonably low miles, though. These cars are great choices in general, but in some ways a better idea to buy used that a lot of other vehicles are. Just be sure to do your research before buying. It will help you to know what you are looking for in terms of equipment, configuration, etc. and how much you should pay. This is the best plan whenever you buy a vehicle ““ but especially a used one. With new vehicles you might not have a lot of owner reviews that you can consult. With a used one, though, the vehicle may have been in service long enough that people have spoken out about it. That’s the best type of advice. Reviews from people who own the vehicle are important because these are the people who drive it every day. They know what it will and won’t do and what problems you might anticipate. They’ve found any potential shortcomings because they have affected them.

Consider the Hybrid

While hybrids were more of a novel idea versus a serious option in the minds of buyers when this came out, since then green vehicles have really become popular. If you can find a used hybrid 2007 Ford Escape, it might be an excellent choice. It’s rated to have performance that rivals the six-cylinder gasoline engine equipped version, but will save you fuel over that one. Besides, there’s just something rewarding about having a smaller carbon footprint.

A Car That Works Like an SUV or An SUV that Drives Like a Car?

One of the big selling points of the Ford Escape (this applies to every model and year the vehicle was made) is that in many ways it’s the definition of what’s called a crossover vehicle. Still, it does qualify as a true SUV. That means you get the things you want in an SUV ““ like storage space, but yet the vehicle handles more like a car ““ making it fun to drive.


Some of the older Ford Escapes had some mechanical issues. Whether it was fairly minor engine problems or difficulties with the rear shock absorbers, they were somewhat expensive to repair. By the 2007 Ford Escape, though, those demons seem to have been exorcised. Every system of the vehicle gets great reviews as having only minor, inexpensive repair work needed (and infrequently). That makes it a reliable choice.

New For the 2007 Model

A Silver Appearance package was introduced in the 2007 model year. A keypad entry system was added as standard equipment on a number of models. There were also three new color options introduced for 2007.

No matter which version of the vehicle (hybrid, XLS, XLT or Limited) you want and which packages appeal to you, a 2007 Ford Escape might be an excellent choice. It’s not the biggest SUV out there, but still offers a lot of storage space. You get a vehicle with excellent reliability reviews and superior handling and drivability. Remember, though, no matter how reliable a vehicle is as a model, if it’s not treated properly it can develop problems. Whenever you buy a used car you should consider getting it inspected. It’s a good way to make sure you aren’t buying someone else’s problems. If you find that the 2007 Ford Escape you are looking at has been properly cared for and is in good shape, it should be a dependable and fairly trouble-free vehicle for you.

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