2006 Ford Explorer Review and Model Lineup

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Those considering buying a Ford Explorer who have read a review here or there might decide to get a 2006 Ford Explorer. The reliability seems improved from all the previous models and the new redesign makes for an excellent vehicle. Yet it’s still a Ford Explorer ““ one of the most popular SUV’s of all time. That’s a combination that really works. You get the classic Ford Explorer concept and all it represents, but with new technology and design to take it to the next level.

New For the 2006 Model Year

The whole vehicle was redesigned for the 2006 model year. A new exterior look promises change that the interior and power train deliver. Designed after the F-150 interior styling, the new Explorer is more comfortable. A “tube-through-tube” chassis redesign provides both a smoother and a quieter ride by eliminating some of the Explorer’s inherent stiffness.

New Powertrain

The V-6 (4.0 Liter) is the same as the one on previous models. The V-8 engine, though, is a larger 4.6 liter that can generate 292 horse power. Coupled with a newly designed 6 speed transmission that helps with fuel economy, that new engine actually gives it better gas mileage than the 2005 had.


Ford seems to have really gotten it right with the 2006 Explorer. Reports from mechanics and owners alike ““ these are the people that really deal with the vehicles when they have problems and over the long haul, show the vehicle to be extremely reliable. In fact, across the board reports of problems have been infrequent and the problems that do arise aren’t usually expensive to resolve.


Safety is a big concern in the design of the 2006 Ford Escort. From the toll stability control to the side seat airbags, this thing is designed to be a safe vehicle for traveling. The steering column is built to be adaptive in its ability to absorb energy in a collision.

Cargo Capability

New to the 2006 Ford Explorer is the ability to put the seats completely flat. This allows for additional cargo space not provided by earlier models due to limitations in seat positioning.

Navigation System

The 2006 Ford Explorer has an optional DVD based navigation system to help you find your way on the long journeys ““ or the short ones to hard to find locations.

Redesign Challenge

When Ford redesigned the Explorer they were putting themselves at risk for complaints. The truck was the most popular SUV ever built. For that reason there were a lot of enthusiasts waiting to see what Ford had done. Hopes were high, but had the job not been done right they would have had a lot of critics. It turned out that this Explorer was even better than the ones that had preceded it. That’s what you call success.

Remember that even though the 2006 Ford Explorer has shown itself to be a reliable vehicle, results can vary from one truck to another. Part of that comes from the fact that even the best vehicle, when treated improperly, can have problems. For that reason, it’s always best to get a professional inspection before you buy any used vehicle. It can save you a lot of headaches. Buying someone else’s problem can be expensive and very frustrating. Sure, an inspection will cost you a little money, but if it reveals a lemon that it just saved you from buying, it’s well worth it. It might also give you an idea of what work you can expect to do when so you can plan for it ““ instead of having it pop up on you unexpectedly.

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