2006 Ford Escape Review

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If you want to go with a used model Ford SUV, based on reviews, it would seem that a 2006 Ford Escape is a great choice. Whenever you shop for any vehicle ““ and especially a used one, you should still do your research. It will help to make sure you get the best price and that the vehicle meets your expectation in terms of performance and specs.

New Options for the Hybrid

The hybrid version of the Ford Escape was new for the 2005 model year and earned Ford a number of awards, including truck of the year. The hybrid made enough of a splash in terms of customer demand with the 2005 model year that the 2006 roll-out included both a premium package and a new color (black clear coat metallic). Among other things that premium package included leather-trimmed seats, leather-wrapped steering wheel, heated front seats, reverse sensing system, navigation system and 110-volt power outlet. Driving a hybrid not only saves you money in terms of fuel costs, but it can also make you feel good about helping out the environment.

SUV That Drives Like a Car

One of the great things about the Ford Escape ““ and this applies to just about any year ““ is the fact that it affords you many of the storage and other positives of an SUV in a package that drives more like a car. For those who prefer the type of handling that a car provides, that makes the Ford Escape a great choice. The vehicle has always offered a lot of cargo space. In fact, you can seat five adults and still have room for luggage and other cargo. If you use the option to rearrange the rear seating you can move even more cargo. When you consider all that can be yours in a package that also feels more like a car when you are driving it – it’s definitely a bonus.


For the first year, the 2006 Ford Escape gets great reviews in terms of reliability. It’s not that the previous years were bad ““ they weren’t. It’s just that up until 2005’s model there were a lot of reports of some halfway frequent engine problems that required a few hundred dollars in repairs. Until this model was released each year’s offering has had reported problems with the rear shocks that required periodic replacements for two to three hundred dollars each. Reviews of the 2006 Ford Escape, though, have shown the vehicle to have few problems at all and what problems have emerged have been fairly inexpensive to fix.

Whether you are looking at the Hybrid version, the XLS, XLT or Limited, a 2006 Ford Escape could be a great entry into the world of SUV’s. With the option of front-wheel or all-wheel drive, manual or automatic transmission choices, and a four-cylinder, V6 or hybrid choice, the vehicle seems to have something for everyone. Any time you consider buying a used vehicle, though, think about paying for an inspection. After the purchase is the wrong time to find out a car has problems. Even the most dependable car can be problematic if it’s been mistreated. Don’t take the chance. Your 2006 Ford Escape could be one of the most reliable vehicles you’ll own ““ but you could also get stung. That’s why an inspection can be so important as a method of helping you avoid getting stuck with someone else’s bad decisions in automotive maintenance.

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