2005 Ford F150 Review and Specs

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For 2005, Ford engineers set the bar higher in overall F150 toughness and strength. They made changes to interior physical and visual comfort, and tweaked driving dynamics to increase the stability of the ride. The 2005 F150 was one the best full-size trucks in value for money spent.

New for the 2005 Ford F150 was the Ford F150 King Ranch with Castano leather interior, a 4.2 L V6 powerplant, as well as the ability to adapt cab safety features according to the position and size of the front seat passenger.
The 2005 Ford F150 offered 5 distinct models, including three different cab choices and box lengths and two different box types. For 2005, your choices included the down-to-earth and work ready Ford F150 XL, the energetic and sporty Ford F150 STX, the ready for any job Ford F150 XLT, strong and robust Ford F150 FX4, and the comfortable Ford F150 Lariat.

The 2005 Ford F150 was available in true blue metallic, dark shadow gray metallic, bright red, black, and Oxford White. It towed a maximum of 9,900 pounds and had a maximum payload capacity of 3,000 pounds.

Standard with all four-wheel drive XLT SuperCrew, XLT SuperCab, XLT, STX SuperCab, STX, XL and XL SuperCab models was a 4.6 L 231 hp V6 engine producing 293 ft lbs of torque @ 3500 rpm. Standard with all four-wheel drive 2005 Ford F150 FX4, FX4 SuperCab, FX4 SuperCrew, Lariat SuperCab, and Lariat SuperCrew models was a 5.4 L 300 hp V8 engine. All rear-wheel drive 2005 Ford F150 XL, STX, XL SuperCab, and XLT models included a 4.2 L 202 hp V6 engine producing 252 ft lbs of torque @ 3400 rpm. Standard with all STX SuperCabs, XLT SuperCabs and XLT SuperCrew was the same 4.6 L 231 hp V6 engine mentioned above. All rear-wheel drive Lariat SuperCab and Lariat SuperCrew models include a 5.4 L 300 hp V8 engine as standard equipment.

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