2005 Ford Escape Review and Model Lineup

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Based on reviews, the 2005 Ford Escape might be a great choice for a new used SUV. 2005 was a big transition year for the Ford Escape and its hybrid, which meant lots of changes to the vehicle across the board.

Hybrid Offered for the 2005 Model Year

The power trains on the 2005 Ford Escapes were just one area where Ford made changes, but those changes were big. The most dramatic alteration was the addition of a Hybrid version. This engine replaced the four-cylinder 2.0 liter that had been used in previous years. The new engine was a 2.3 liter engine that had electric assist. Basically the electric motor powered the car during low output usage and assisted the gasoline engine during higher periods. The result was both improved gas mileage (around 40 miles per gallon in start and stop traffic) and an upgrade in power. That’s a win-win. In fact, the performance of the hybrid model is said to be just about the same as the conventional V6 engine. Beyond that big change the options are basically the same (all-wheel versus front-wheel, automotive versus manual and four cylinder versus six) as the previous year. Of course, the pure gasoline four cylinder engine is also a more powerful one than that offered in earlier years. The All-Wheel Drive System for 2005 was also a different one. The old system was an on or off model, but the new one has an intelligent control system that engages and disengages the extra wheels automatically based on the driving conditions.

Other Changes

While there weren’t any major changes in terms of models in 2005, all of them got a facelift with a new styling and look. Anti-lock brake systems had been an optional upgraded on earlier models, but became standard equipment in 2005. Side curtain air bags were first offered as an option with the 2005 model, bringing an added level of safety. There were also some changes to the interior design of the vehicles. The interior received more sound proofing, making it a quieter vehicle. In addition the front shocks and suspension system were redesigned to make the vehicle ride more smoothly.


In terms of expectation for repair costs, the 2005 Ford Escape is similar to the 2004. That means that it is considered quite reliable and fairly inexpensive. Once more the only real problem that’s reported is failure of the rear shocks. The cost to repair this should come in well under five hundred dollars and probably closer to the two to three hundred dollar range. Beyond that issue the car is reported to be fairly trouble free and what issues do occur are inexpensive to repair.

Getting a used 2005 Ford Escape can be a great way to save money over buying a new vehicle. Since it was the first year to feature the hybrid version it could also serve as an excellent introduction to the more modern, greener driving experience. Remember that whenever you buy a used vehicle, though, you really should think about an inspection. It’s the only way to get a good indication of how reliable the car will be. Remember that no matter how reliable a given model of car is in general, specific cars that have been mistreated by previous owners are likely to present problems. Don’t get stuck with such a problem. Have it checked out before you buy it.

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