2002 Ford F-350 Tonka Concept Video

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Ford’s futuristic Tonka concept from 17 years ago paved the way for the modern Super Duty.

In the early 2000s Ford was willing to try anything, and it was this very era that gave birth to some of their most daring concept and production cars and trucks. When they began looking forward to the next generation of their heavy duty pickup, the designers took a look back to their childhood years.

For many generations, Tonka trucks represented the first trucks kids got their hands on. It stands to reason that as adults, truck enthusiasts would look for the same qualities that made their Tonka toys so great; rock-solid durability, off-road capabilities, incredible payload capacity, and the ability to play rough, get dirty, and come back for more!


To that end, Ford styled this 2002 F-350 Tonka concept to evoke those great childhood memories, starting with the familiar bright yellow paint job. The flared fenders, large chrome grille, and big, knobby tires were the stuff of concepts a decade or so ago. Funny enough, this concept looks remarkably similar to what you can buy at dealers today.

The video by King Rose Archives begins with a group of kids chasing after a yellow radio-controlled Tonka truck, before the full size behemoth is wheeled on stage. It’s a great way to drive home the message that whether you’re at work or play, Ford trucks are built tough enough to handle the abuse.

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