2002 Ford Escape Review and Model Lineup

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If you are in the market to purchase a 2002 Ford Escape, chances are you will be on the lookout for a review of the vehicle. You want to know about the performance record and specs and what kinds of features and options are available on this make, model and year.


The 2002 Ford Escape had a total of 9 different styles. Basically this was broken down into two main categories ““ the entry level XLS and the upgraded, more sporty XLT. Each of those had four different variants (Value, Sport, Choice, and Premium) with an additional one, Midnight, available for the XLT.  At the time the Ford Escape was the best selling compact SUV on the market.

Standard Features

2002 Ford Escapes came with several power train options (and both were available in either a front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive configuration). First there were two engines offered. The first was a 2 liter inline four cylinder engine that was rated at 127 horse power. That was the standard engine. The upgraded 3 liter V6 engine could produce just over 200 horse power. You could get the 2002 Ford Escape with a manual transmission or automatic.

Cargo Space

With seats in the up position, Escape’s cargo area has about 33 cubit feet of storage space. If that’s not enough for you, though, the seating in the rear can be positioned to increase that cargo space dramatically.

Other Amenities

Air conditioning, power windows, locks and mirrors and front bucket seats with console came standard on both models. ABS braking system came standard only on the XLT models, but you could get it as an option on the XLS.  XLS came standard with 15 inch wheels while the XLT’s had 16.

Audio System

In general the 2002 Ford Escape came with an in-dash AM/FM system that included both a cassette and CD player. On the XLS Sport and the XLT Midnight, though, the standard system was upgraded to a 6 CD changer with MP3 player.  


Overall most of the systems on the 2002 Ford Escape have proven, over the years, to be infrequent and reasonably inexpensive to fix. Two systems on the vehicle, though, are the exceptions.

Engine Problems

The engine is one of those problem areas. There are several different issues which show up fairly frequently on the vehicles and these problems can cost you a few hundred dollars to have fixed. The main symptom of all the engine problems is a “check engine” light turning on and staying that way. The causes vary from an issue with the wiring harness to sensors or ignition coils.

Suspension Problems

The rear shocks have proven problematic on these vehicles. You can expect to pay a couple hundred dollars or so if these fail ““ and they do fail periodically on many of the 2002 Ford Escapes.

Overall, if you are looking to get a 2002 Ford Escape you should find quite a few vehicles available (depending on which model you are seeking). Popularity at the time of sale means that there is a larger supply later when the vehicle is out there as pre-owned. There are a couple of problems that are common in these vehicles, but a few hundred dollars for repair on a couple systems is less than you might find with a lot of cars. Remember, though, any time you are shopping for a used vehicle you should consider getting an inspection. While a car might not typically have a lot of problems, when you don’t know what kind of maintenance or abuse it might have received, you really can’t be sure of that particular vehicle’s reliability. Also, be sure to do your home work and find out what the vehicle is worth before you wind up over paying.

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