200,000 Mile EcoBoost Engine Still Going Strong

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How Well Does Ford’s EcoBoost Turbo V6 Hold up Over Time? Turns out Pretty Darn Well

Despite selling a metric ton of them, Ford’s EcoBoost engine is still seen by many with ample skepticism. Truck fans are still throwing salt over the idea of anything other than a V8 under the hood. The reasons behind this hatred are plentiful and some even relevant. One of the most prominent reasons? Longevity. How will a twin turbo V6 hold up over time and hard miles?

We now have at least one confirmation that it will, thanks to popular YouTuber DanielJagerFilms. The subject of his latest video is his own 2011 F-150 EcoBoost, which has a whopping 205,268 miles in the odometer. So surely the truck has a leaky block and needs a turbo replacement, right?

Actually, there are zero leaks. The engine, transmission, axles, differential, and transfer case are original. Only routine maintenance has been completed, including only wear-and-tear components. You know, stuff like brakes, spark plugs, oxygen sensors, a battery, and an ignition coil replacement. Nothing too crazy for a 200,000 mile truck.

Furthermore, the Ecoboost is still averaging over 20 mpg! And this is no glorified highway cruiser, it’s owned by a construction worker who daily drives the thing. Something which is evident by the dirt, grime, and well-worn interior.

So if you’re worried about whether or not your EcoBoost F-150 will endure the test of time, this should give you a little confidence. Granted, it’s only one isolated example of what could happen. We’ll get a better idea of the EcoBoost’s durability in years to come, as the power plant ages, but it’s encouraging!

Responsible truck owners must perform scheduled maintenance in order to maximize their truck’s life, EcoBoost or not. Plain and simple.

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