D.I.Y.: 2000 F-250 ZF6 Clutch Master Cylinder Assembly Install

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Replacing the master cylinder in your Ford F-350 is surprisingly simple.

Having the clutch pedal on your Ford F-350 stop moving normally is a problem that many people expect will cost a fortune. Fortunately, one of our members put together a great DIY video on his channel showing how to fix a floppy clutch pedal by replacing the master cylinder and slave cylinder assembly.

It sounds like a tough project, but it really isn’t and the video above shows how easily you can tackle this project in your driveway or garage.

The Introduction

This problem first came to light when forum member “Sous” posted about a problem that he ran into while driving his 2000 Ford F-250.

Well, it would not be a true adventure if something didn’t go wrong.

I was about 20 miles from the campground when shifting into a lower gear. I let up on the clutch pedal as I always do a there was a loud bang. I said “WTF”, but the real words.

After I looked around I realized the clutch pedal was twice as high as it normally is and well above the other pedals.

We drove the rest of the 20 miles and after setting up camp I took this picture.

F-350 Clutch Cylinder Failure

The first person to offer good input was “timmyboy76”:

The “fingers” let loose from within the master, slick…see if both master rods are identical from new unit. If not, clean up the old one and use it..Ive heard/read about using the original one..why, something about the “throw” is shorter with new. Ive been using whatever comes with new unit since OEM saw the bottom of a trash bin..anyway, pay attention to orientation when removing that plastic collar and white spade underneath….advance auto anywhere, get p/n pf9021…when installing slave, leave tabs attached. They’ll brake at first depress.

That was followed by a comment from “F350-6”:

Typically once those fingers let loose of the rod, it will continue to do so. You can pop the rod back in place and try gently letting off the pedal so it doesn’t come out, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. When that’s happened to me, I just replaced with a new pre-bled hydraulic set.

I tried sticking the rod back in at first, but it kept doing the same thing over and over.

That initial thread went on for six pages, but the synopsis was that the OP was going to have to replace the master/slave cylinder assembly. While doing so, he may a do-it-yourself video showing other owners how to address this problem without spending a fortune. He also thanked his friends here on FTE for their help in diagnosis on the problem.

The DIY Video

Unfortunately, the common failure point in the 2000 Ford F-350 and other similar trucks from that era with the ZF6 manual transmission is the point where the clutch pedal connects to the master cylinder. There are small tabs in the connection that fail and while the clutch will still operate when these tabs fail, the process becomes more labor-intensive when the rod comes loose.

2000 Ford F-350 Master Cylinder Failure

Fortunately, the fix is simple, as replacing the master cylinder, the slave cylinder, the hoses and the fluid reservoir are all replaced as a unit.

The first step is to remove the safety switch from the clutch push rod of the F-350 followed by removing the wiring harness that runs to the switch. Once that is out of the way, you can remove the pushrod and then the master cylinder, taking note of how the fluid line is routed before doing so. You will also remove the fluid reservoir during this step.

2000 F-350 Slave Cylinder

Next, you head under the truck and locate the slave cylinder in the transmission, twisting it out after once again taking note of the fluid line routing. Once the slave cylinder is loose, you can pull the whole assembly out through the bottom of the truck.

The new assembly goes in from the top and you start by connecting the slave cylinder first and then the master cylinder and fluid reservoir. Once those items are tightened down, you install the clutch push rod to the master cylinder and then the clutch pedal, finishing the project by installing the safety switch assembly.

2000 Ford F-350

Having the connection of your clutch rod to the master cylinder can create a headache while driving, but as the OP learned and shared with the group, the fix is simple enough for just about anyone to attempt.

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