1999 Ford Super Duty is Ready for Camping

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First-generation Super Duty features the mighty 7.3-liter Power Stroke diesel and plenty of bed space for comfortable camping.

Trucks are more luxurious now then they’ve ever been. Ford offers three versions of the good life in its modern Super Duty trucks. King Ranch is for those who want to travel in Southwestern style. Platinum has a slick, urban look to it. Limited pulls out all the stops and features real metal and wood accents. All of them make the Super Duty more comfortable than it’s ever been. However, this 1999 Super Duty looks cozy enough to sleep in. In fact, it is.

The guys from the Youtube channel Down2Mob meet up with a guy who owns a 1999 Ford F-250 Super Duty. With 250,000 miles on its 7.3-liter Power Stroke diesel V8, it’s still going strong on the road and off of it. The grille and headlights from a newer Super Duty make it look as if it’s in even better shape.

ford-trucks.com 1999 Ford Super Duty Ready for Camping

In the video, the owner’s using his rig to go camping, which first requires removing his toolbox. Once he does that, the container doubles as a convenient step up to the bed, which serves as the perfect spot for an in-bed tent. In about 20 minutes, he can erect the fabric dome and have a storm-resistant roof over his head. The bed of the F-250 is large enough to fit either a full-size mattress or the current setup, which consists of cushy padding, a cot, and a couple of pillows. Multiple zippable windows allow air to pass through, although the cooler the surroundings, the better. For cold weather, there’s a portable heater. No which season it is, moving around inside is made easier by the fact that there’s enough vertical space to stand up.

It may not have heated and cooled, massaging seats, but this Super Duty still looks like a great place to spend some time – whether that involves sitting up or laying down.

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