Hot Wheels: 1997 F-350 Puts the Blue in Blue Oval

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1997 Ford F-350 Long Bed

With an extended bed, dualies, and a boxy design, this truck makes modern trucks look miniature.

It’s hard to believe but we are now deep into the thirteenth generation of F-series pickup trucks. And for the last 30+ years, the Ford trucks have been the best-selling vehicles in North America. While the new 2018 F-series trucks are some of the most powerful and technologically advanced trucks on the road, there’s something to be said about those earlier generations.

Classic Cars just recently listed a 1997 F-350 pickup truck, and it’s hitting all the right nostalgic buttons. For a 20-year-old pickup truck, you’d be amazed just how pristine the exterior of this truck looks. And while the modern trucks are more sleek, this truck, from the ninth generation of Ford pickups, is big, beautiful, and boxy.

1997 Ford F-350 Long Bed

Right off the bat, a couple of things set this truck apart from others you might see on the road. First, the exterior paint color is a bold blue that just begs to be noticed. You can’t go wrong with a classic blue F-150, and this truck hits all the right notes. The interior isn’t too shabby, either. Showing some wear, for sure, but still clean and capable enough that it puts other two-decade-old vehicles to shame.

However, we’d be remiss if we didn’t talk about the bed. With the extended bed, this truck is a monster. Even without the full crew cab, this truck is definitely not for those scared to drive big vehicles. The bed looks even more intimidating with the dual tire set-up in the rear and the extended fenders. Let’s just say this truck wasn’t built to haul the kids or groceries. This truck is a workhorse.

While details are scarce on this listing, from the pictures attached, and the information known about 1997 F-350s, this looks to be a pretty great gem. If anything, it’s nice to be reminded that it wasn’t too long ago that trucks used to be big, wide beasts on the road.

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