Oh, You Have Winter Tires? That’s Cute. This 1996 Ford F-250 Owns Winter

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“Ford Trucks Own Work,” or so the blue oval’s new slogan reads. That may be true, but if I had to come up with a slogan for this video, it’d be: “Ford Truck Owns Winter.”

I grew up in the State of Texas, which means that besides for a few winter vacations here and there, I was never exposed to real winters, or basically any kind of seasons. Just hot and hotter. Later in life I found myself living in the great white north, and I had to get used to living with permanent snow for 4 months out of the year in a real hurry. It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible, either.

Having the right vehicle or equipment surely makes things a lot easier. Such is the case of the man behind this video by, UpNorthOutdoors, who can be seen fighting the snowy and frigid conditions with his beloved Ford truck. The video is a bit lengthy, but it definitely shows a real world take on what dealing with such conditions can be like, although his awesome-looking 1996 Ford F-250 makes simple work of the conditions.

Check out the video!

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