Throwback Thursday: 1996 F150 Drives Through a Wall

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F-150 shows off ‘Ford Tough’ in fantastic fashion, making short work of the studio wall.

This week’s Throwback Thursday video comes to us from the wage earner YouTube channel and it features an ad for the 1996 Ford F-150. This commercial was made for the Northwest Ford Dealers group so rather than just showing the truck in a studio, they take it to the wilderness by plowing through a wall in reverse.

1996 F-150 Destroys a Wall

1996 F-150 Versus a Wall

Most Ford F-150 commercials showcase the half-ton truck doing things like off-roading, towing, or hauling in a variety of settings while others just show the truck sitting in a studio. This ad starts off with the truck in a studio as the spokesman talks about how this new truck looks great in a showroom thanks to features like chrome wheels, power windows and tilt steering.

He goes on to point out that in the American Northwest, truck owners don’t live in the showroom, suggesting that other parts of the country have people living in their F-150s in the dealership.

He then shifts the truck into reverse, he floors the throttle, the engine revs to 4,000 rpm and the rear tires of the F-150 begin to smoke. A short time later, the truck accelerates quickly backwards, easily smashing through the rear wall and emerging into the wilderness. The F-150 is so tough that even the side mirrors tear pieces of the concrete wall away as the truck bursts out of the building.

The commercial ends with a few more details on the 1996 F-150, such as the class-leading 4.9-liter base engine while showing the bright red truck off in a much more attractive setting than the drab studio.

As “wow demos” go, this one is fairly ridiculous, but we bet that it drew plenty of attention on TV around the American Northwest.

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