A Pristine One-Owner 1995 Ford F-150 With 40K Miles!

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The 90’s were a pivotal time for Ford’s venerable F-Series. The time had come to shift toward a more aerodynamic design and move away from the boxy look that had characterized these trucks for a long, long time. Ford’s sleeker interpretation of the F-150 bowed in 1992, bringing back the Flareside body style as well.

For those who weren’t fans of the eight generation’s flat front end, the new look was much appreciated. These were great looking trucks that still look cool today, especially when they’re in the kind of condition that this 1995 is. If it looks basically like it just rolled-off the showroom floor, it’s because it hasn’t seen much use since then.


With a mere 40k original miles, this one owner F-150 is basically just broken in. The torquey 4.9 liter inline-six-cylinder is immaculately clean, as is the undercarriage and interior, which doesn’t appear to have ever seen a pair of dirty boots or greasy hands.


Short wheel base 90’s F-150’s are arguably the best looking as well, as Ford hadn’t quite figured out how to make the bigger cabs aesthetically appealing yet.  The proportions are just right with these trucks, and their looks have stood the test of time well so far.


If you’re a fan of the 90’s, you are undoubtedly a fan of the 9th gen Ford trucks as well. Just seeing a well kept example like this one conjures up good memories for those who lived through that transitional decade. A time when truck makers were just starting to concern themselves with things like “aerodynamics.”

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