Flying High Again: F-150 Prerunner Soars Like Superman

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F-150 with a ton of chassis work completes jumps that would destroy a normal truck.

This crazy clip comes to us from the YouTube channel of Matt Krewsun and it features a 1995 Ford F-150 prerunner playing in the desert. Over the course of this minute-long video, we watch this truck repeatedly fly through the air and land without any problem, showing the advantages of such an elaborate build. These stunts would break a normal 1995 F-150 in half, but this purpose-built pickup just keeps on coming back for more.

The Machine

This YouTube channel has quite a few videos of this 1995 Ford F-150 prerunner in action. Many of them are very short, so there are a handful like the one above, where a variety of clips have been combined into one longer video. However, there is no real information with any of the videos, so we can only go on what we can see in each clip.

1995 Ford F-150 Preruner Landing

We know that it is a 1995 Ford F-150, but it is obvious that this truck has few parts that came from the factory. In the scenes with the red bedside panels removed, we can see that the entire rear end is comprised of a tube chassis, with long-travel suspension up front and out back. The truck also appears to have a roll cage that extends from the cab to the area where the bed would be, but instead, this F-150 just has a bunch of tubes and a spare tire.

High Flying Action

Over the course of the one-minute-long video above, we get to watch as this modified 1995 Ford F-150 takes to the sky over and over again. Many of the jumps have long run-up areas that are so rough that most trucks couldn’t cross them at speed, but this F-150 just glides over the rough ground. When it gets to the jump, the lightened pickup pops high into the air, slamming down with ease as the long-travel suspension works its magic.

1995 F-150 Prerunner Flies

Even the toughest stock truck couldn’t take these jumps without sustaining some damage, but this 1995 prerunner is practically unstoppable.

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