Is This 1994 Ford Ranger the Perfect Fishing Buddy?

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A Ford Ranger could help you score big at the lake!

Old-school Ford videos are always entertaining to watch, even if the footage quality is terrible compared to today’s HD images. That being said, anyone who has done any fishing can appreciate the idea of using their truck to help reel in “the big one” – even when there’s no reel involved.

This 1994 Ford Ranger commercial by ARS1205 introduces us to “truck fishing,” which is exactly what you might expect. After the Ranger traverses through dense woods, it arrives at a huge lake, where it backs up to the water’s edge. Then, the passenger climbs out to load the bait, which happens to be a suitcase-sized spoon lure named “The Whomper.” As you can imagine, the lure is tied to the back of the truck!

This isn’t like modern fishing rod attachments you can buy for your pickup, this is using the actual truck as a fishing rod! As absurd as the fishing in this commercial might be, it is a great Ford truck commercial. Oh, and check out the “fisherman’s” fashion, it’s all so ’90s!

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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