1993 Ford Trucks Thrive from Decades of Practice: Retro Rewind

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Commercial for the 1993 Ford truck lineup begins with the models that led up to the 9th generation.

This clip comes to us from TheClassicSports YouTube channel and it features a commercial for the 1993 Ford F-Series lineup. Like most truck commercials, it shows the 1993 F-150 racing through the mud, pulling a horse trailer, pulling a boat and doing other common “truck things”, but making this spot unique is the introduction – offering us a look at the trucks that led up to the 1993 lineup.

The Early Pickups

The commercial above begins by showing us the Ford trucks that came before the 9th generation F-Series, beginning with the Model T pickup. We also see a pre-F-Series work truck from the mid-1930s, a second generation (1953-1956) F-100, a fourth generation (1963-1966) F-100 and a fifth generation F-100. Oddly, the commercial doesn’t show the first generation F-Series named the F-1, nor does it include any of the half-ton trucks after the adoption of the F-150 name in 1975.

Classic Ford F-100 with a 1993 F-150

These are some of the trucks that represented big advancements in pickup technology throughout the years and generations leading up to the ninth generation Ford F-Series. By 1993, the new trucks were nothing like the older models, but the information gathered during the first 70 years of Ford trucks played a role in the success of the trucks in the 90s – and the trucks sold today.

The 1993 F-Series

After showing those classic Ford trucks, the commercial focuses on the 1993 models, showing the then-new trucks doing many of the same things that the older trucks did – from playing in the mud to serving as a work truck. We see the new trucks pulling a few different trailers and storming through the dirt while the narrator reminds us that in 1993, there were more full-sized Ford trucks on the road than trucks from any other automaker. That still rings true today as the Ford F-Series has been the bestselling truck in America for four decades now.

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