1989 Ford Roasts Tires with Inline-6 Power

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This video features a 1989 Ford F-150 powered by a 4.9L inline-6 engine and a 4-speed manual transmission. I don’t know that I have ever featured an inline-6 engine for any of our segments, but this inline torque monster does a burnout that could make some V8 F-150 owners blush.

The truck is a little on the beat up side, with damage behind the rear wheel that looks as though the wheel may have come off while being driven at some point – but that doesn’t impact is ability to do an incredible burnout.

We don’t know anything about this 1989 Ford F-150 outside of the fact that it has the 4.9L inline-6 and a manual transmission, but it looks like it is only spinning one tire. Even with only one tire burning, this is a great example of what a properly motivated six cylinder F-150 owner can do when it comes time to buy new tires.

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