1989 Ford C8000 Caterpillar Reborn as a Pickup

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Today, somebody in the small town of Charlottesville, Indiana is presenting you with the chance to live out your childhood ambitions. All those days spent on all-fours gripping those little plastic construction trucks as you crawled them over couches, up stairs, and across the kitchen table can finally be put into real-life motion. This 1989 Ford C8000 with a 10.4-liter Caterpillar 3209 turbodiesel V8 is selling for $20,000.

It’s been through quite a bit of fixing up. Once a utility truck with a cherry picker, all that equipment has been stripped and replaced with a 14-foot military cargo truck bed. According to the seller, he added “rails and flexible bed brackets with titanium springs to allow the bed to flex when going over uneven terrain.” It kinda gives it an American version of the Unimog vibe. The 4×4’s power is run through and Allison automatic transmission and 16,000-pound rated Marmon-Herrington axles. It also has air brakes, air lockers, and military wheels with Michelin 14.00 R20 XZL tires.

If you have the open space to play around with this thing, it’ll give you hours of fun.

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