1987 F-350 Carries a Chevy Over Crushed Cars: Throwback Thursday

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Bigfoot flattens the assortment of Chevrolet cars, making a smoother surface for the F-350.

This week’s Throwback Thursday comes to us from the YouTube channel of Mark Krugman and it showcases a television commercial for the 1987 Ford F-350. This particular commercial also features the best-known heavy-duty Ford truck of all time, the Bigfoot monster truck, making for a great advertisement for America’s most popular pickups.

1987 F-350 Hauls a Chevy

1987 Ford F-350 in Action

While this commercial was technically for the entire 1987 Ford F-Series lineup, it highlights the capabilities of the F-350. It also features the Bigfoot monster truck from the late 1980s, which was technically based on the F-250, so there are two F-Series pickups in action here, even though you could only buy one of them from your local dealership.

Carrying a Truck

In the 1970s, Ford offered up several commercials showing one of the F-Series pickups climbing a hill while carrying one of the competitor’s trucks across the bed. In fact, another commercial from 1987 showed the F-250 carrying a Chevy while towing a Dodge and a GMC truck up the hill. This spot showed the F-Series hauling a competitor, but it did so with a little help from Bigfoot.

The commercial begins by showing Bigfoot blasting over the lineup of General Motors vehicles (many of which appear to be Chevys) as a production F-350 pulls up with a new Chevy truck in the bed. With Bigfoot having flattened the cars out, the F-350 is able to drive up onto the pile of mangled glass and steel, easily driving across them while carefully balancing the competitor’s truck in the bed.

While you probably wouldn’t want to try to haul a truck while balanced across the bed of your 1987 Ford F-350, the point of this commercial was that the 1-ton truck from the Motor Company was strong enough to perform well with such a hefty load.

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