1985 Ford Off-Road TV Commercials: Throwback Thursday

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Most modern Ford TV ads focus on towing capacity & fuel economy. But back in 1985, they were all about going off-roading!

In the modern era of automotive advertising, we’re used to only seeing one Ford TV commercial for each given model year, not an entire truck line. While normally they show off their amazing capabilities, we hardly see any real off-roading on corporate ads, let along Bigfoot the monster truck!

However, back in 1985 Ford clearly put a great emphasis on their trucks’ ability to leave paved surfaces – and this week’s “Throwback Thursday” video features four of those off-road-centric commercials.


Courtesy of the Classic Car Channel, we bring you five 30-second Ford commercials displayed back to back. The fifth and last commercial kind of has an off-road theme, but it primarily talks about bargains on trucks while Bigfoot drives through the dirt and crushes cars.

Nowadays it’s common (and simple) to head to YouTube and see our favorite Ford trucks tearing up the trails, but back in 1985, folks depended on their video store or off-road enthusiasts product catalog to get in on the action. Perhaps that’s what made these commercials so popular, the fact that seeing brand new trucks off-road wasn’t common at all.

This small compilation shows us how much advertising has changed since then, and also makes us wonder what they’ll be like in the near future. Crazy, huh?

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