BUILDUP! A Nuts and Bolts 1984 Ford F-150 Build

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nuts and bolts

Sometimes builds are a long time in the making. After all, when one has to carefully go through all the nuts and bolts, a project can’t be completed in one night!

From gathering parts to finding time to do the work, and putting the ever-necessary money together, there are many things that can make a build take longer than expected. But like most things in life that are difficult and take time, they’re always worth it!

Builds can be highly rewarding, as FTE member, Chris, who is also known by his username Chris Guthro, has been working to put together his build for three and-a-half years! Thankfully though, his truck is now closer to completion. The rig in question is a 1984 Ford F-150, and over the last few years Chris has been getting the parts together to successfully complete the project.

So far, he has gathered a rebuilt 1970 460 cubic inch motor, a 4-speed big block transmission, and a few other goodies. He also spent a few bucks getting the massive truck frame blasted and painted, and bought an all-new front and rear suspension.

Make sure to check out his build thread and show your support!

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