1984 F-150 Smokes the Chrome 20s: Tire Smokin’ Tuesday

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Big, heavy rims don’t stop this gorgeous 1984 F-150 from doing a righteous one-wheel burnout.

This week’s Tire Smokin’ Tuesday video comes to us from the Ford 669 Tough YouTube channel and it features a remarkably clean 1984 F-150 doing a pretty solid burnout. This truck looks and sounds like it is stock or near stock with the exception of some 20-inch chrome wheels, but it still smokes the tires like a champ.

Well, to be more accurate, this sweet Ford truck from the 80s only spins one tire, but it creates a whole lot of smoke with just one tire’s-worth of rubber burning.

1984 Ford F-150 One Wheel Burnout Wide

The Truck

Unfortunately, there is very little detail offered up on this 1984 Ford F-150. We know the model year and we know that it is riding on a set of aftermarket chrome wheels measuring 20-inches tall by 10-inches wide, but that is the extent of the stated information. Also, we can tell from the fact that this half-ton truck is only spinning one tire that it has an open rear differential.

Aside from that, we can make some guesses as to what else is going on under the sheet metal of this 1984 Ford truck. There is music playing over the video, making it hard to hear the engine, but based on what little we can hear coupled with the open differential, we are going to guess that it is powered by the stock 250-cubic inch straight-six engine. With only 131 horsepower, this engine was far less powerful than the V8 options from this era, but with 225 lb-ft of torque, it is quite capable of smoking one tire very hard.

1984 F-150 Close-Up Burnout

The Burnout

When the footage begins, the camera is zoomed in on the passenger’s side rear tire as it is spinning and beginning to smoke. As the burnout intensifies, the camera moves further away, giving us a better look at the burnout and at the sharp 1984 F-150. The two-tone paint scheme might not be original, but the combination of red and crème paint looks like something that FoMoCo would have offered back then.

As mentioned above, there is music playing over the burnout action, so you may not want to turn the volume on this one up at work, but it is still a fantastic smoke show for what appears to be a stock 1984 F-150 with big, chrome wheels.

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