1981 Ford F-Series Runs with the Horses: Retro Rewind

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Commercial from Argentina for the 1981 Ford trucks is kind of weird, but it works.

This awesome retro video comes to us from the paulinoargento YouTube channel and it features a classic commercial for the 1981 Ford truck lineup. This spot was made for the Argentinian market by the local branch of J Walter Thompson, so it was made by a well-known firm, but it is an odd commercial by American standards. Although the commercial is 80-seconds long, there is very little information on the trucks, but there is just something about this short video that makes the whole thing work.

Running with the Horses

The video begins as the sun rises over some farmlands that are occupied by horses and Ford pickups. We see some horses headed out to pasture, then a panning shot of the F-100. We see a bigger group of horses running hard through the pasture followed by a panning shot of the F-150 while a third group of running horses is joined by a look at the F-250.

1981 Ford Argentina Ad 1

Next, we see the F-100 driving along a series of tracks that test the suspension system, but using old school technology, there is an overlay of a race horse being pushed by a jockey. We see the F-250 climbing a hill followed by a draft horse pulling a heavy load up a similar hill.

Detail Shots

After these scenes with the horses, the video moves to panning interior shots of the 1981 Ford trucks sold in Argentina, with a look at the seats and the dashboard of the F-100, F-150 and F-250.

1981 Ford Argentina Ad 2

Although there is little information in this classic commercial, it is clear that Ford is comparing their hard-working trucks to strong, tough horses and considering the length of the success of the F-Series, that seems like a pretty fair comparison.

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