1980 F-150 Ad Is Totally Awesome! (Video)

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THROWBACK THURSDAY: Vintage Ford F-150 Commercial is a Goldmine of Nostalgia for Gen-X Truck Enthusiasts

This week’s “Throwback Thursday” video features an advertisement for the 1980 Ford F-150. The commercial begins by showing the best selling truck in America sitting atop a mountain of faux gold. Yes, a fake mountain of gold. What for? To send a clear message about the $600 million dollars Ford spent on developing their entire truck lineup for the flamboyant decade.

The video by 31Mike starts off with a “Murdoch” look-alike from The A-Team holding a bar of solid gold worth $160,000 bucks. As the camera pans out, the 1980 Ford F-150 is shown parked on top of a symbolic pile of 3,649 gold bars! That many gold bars (if real) would be worth around $600 million. That was how much the Ford Motor Company claims to have invested in the “first new trucks of the ’80s.”

While the TV commercial mentions the Ranger and the Bronco SUVs, it mostly focuses on the 1980 F-150. Therefore it showcases the aerodynamic form, the best-in-class fuel economy, and the improved working capabilities for the new model. The narrator doesn’t talk about the payload capacity. However, we do learn that the 1980 pickup achieved 19 mpg around town, and 29 mpg on the highway. As a result, both would still be impressive by today’s standards.

After the relatively odd beginning, the rest of this commercial is normal. Well, “normal” if showing a truck cutting through the air and climbing a dirt hill with a load of wood is normal to you. After a few shots of the 1980 Ford F-150 doing truck things, the video ends with one more look at the $600 million dollar mountain of gold.

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