1979 Ford F-250 Is Better the Second Time Around

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1979 Ford F-250

FTE member buys the wrong truck, but that mistake turned out to be a blessing when he scores a 4×4 Ford F-250.

In the world of old trucks, we’re often forced to settle for our second choice. Maybe you just can’t seem to find a suitable candidate that’s the exact year/model/trim you’re looking for. So you buy something else, hoping that it’ll adequately fill that void. And maybe it does. But for Ford Truck Enthusiasts member Aaron-71, buying and building a ’78 two-wheel drive Ford F-150 just didn’t cut it. What he really wanted was a 1979 Ford F-250 4×4.

“My older build thread was a 1978 F-150 2WD long bed regular cab. I started the build in 2010. The first truck had a lot of things wrong with it, but it was a really good learning experience the entire time I owned it. In the end, it wasn’t I wanted. I wanted a 4×4 truck, so that’s what I bought in 2016.”

So maybe the first purchase wasn’t such a bad thing, after all. Not only did the OP gain valuable experience from that build, he also had a bunch of parts he could use on his “new” Ford F-250. And he even managed to work out a cash/trade deal with his old pickup. Thus, this job began in earnest, starting with some brake work.

1979 Ford F-250

The OP continued to tackle small but important jobs on his Ford F-250, including swapping out the shift linkage and rebuilding the steering column. Rust had long since eaten away much of the original brake lines, But he eventually got the truck to where it was able to actually stop, and the OP then moved his project into the garage.

The next job was easily the biggest one yet – swapping the old, beaten up body of the Ford F-250 with the F-150. Clearly not a job for the meek, the OP tackled it with little problem. And in the process, he also sandblasted and painted the nicer cab and frame.


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