1979 Ford F-150 Packs a 545 Cubic Inch Stroker Punch

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1979 Ford F-150

It might just look like a beautifully restored Ford F-150. But this super sleeper ain’t your average grandpa special.

Take a good, hard look at this gorgeous 1979 Ford F-150. Nothing out of the ordinary, right? Just a super clean pickup that looks like something your father might have owned and lovingly cared for over the years. Look a little closer, and you’ll notice that it has in fact undergone a complete restoration. That means everything, including the incredibly clean undercarriage, looks like brand new. But even those fine details pale in comparison to what lies under the hood of this Ford F-150, which also happens to be up for grabs over at eBay.

It’s there that you’ll find what looks like a clean and mildly built 460. But it’s actually 545 bored, stroked, and blueprinted cubic inches of Ford muscle. It packs loads of high quality goodies, too. Including Trick Flow TFS Street heads, a custom Competition Cams camshaft, and lots more. It all adds up to a healthy, dyno proven 591 hp and 670 lb-ft of torque. And that’s on 91 octane! A rock solid C6 transmission and 9-inch rear end provide plenty of beef behind that monster mill.

1979 Ford F-150

It’s the kind of hilarious sleeper guaranteed to make you giggle every time you smash the loud pedal. And break the hearts of most everyone that lines up against it. We especially digging the original dealership-installed topper, which undoubtedly adds weight. But it also adds to the sleeper appeal of this mighty find Ford F-150.

1979 Ford F-150

If there’s a better example of having your cake and eating it too, we haven’t seen it. This stunning Ford F-150 is the kind of truck you’ll want to drive and show off, regardless of the beast that lies under the hood. The fact that it has enough power to melt its modest rear rubber is only a bonus in our book!

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