Hot Wheels: 1979 Ford Bronco Is a California Dream

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1979 Ford Bronco

Sometimes, where you spend your years really does make a difference. It sure did with this stunning 1979 Ford Bronco!

Depending on where you live in this great country of ours, the condition of the vehicles around you is likely to vary greatly. Hail damage, salt-induced rust, and desert sun can all wreck havoc on our beloved rides. Couple those environmental factors with Father Time and it’s easy to see how destructive nature can be. But there is a place where trucks like this 1979 Ford Bronco can live a long, happy life. And that place is California.

1979 Ford Bronco

The term “California truck” means something, after all. The lack of nasty weather attributes drives many a car collector west in search of rust-free vintage iron. And that’s exactly where this beauty of a full-size ‘ute hails from. With a mere 78,000 miles on the odometer and a fair weather life, it’s easy to see why this 1979 Ford Bronco has suffered from “no rust, ever” as the seller claims in the classified ad.

1979 Ford Bronco

The seller also claims to have spent in excess of $40,000 restoring the rig. Either way, the results speak for themselves. The blue and white combination is simply stunning and period correct. The choice of rolling stock perfectly complements it without going overboard. And you won’t find any blemishes in the chrome, whether it be factory installed or aftermarket, like the brush guard.

1979 Ford Bronco

The matching blue/white interior is pretty much perfect as well. And under the hood, the original 400 looks mighty clean even all these years later. Overall, you can easily tell that both man and Mother Nature have been kind to this classic 2nd gen Bronco. At least in this case, sometimes where you spend your formidable years really does make a difference!

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