1979 F-150 – A Real Gem or a Junkyard Dog?

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1979 F-150

This 1979 F-150 is actually three F-Series trucks in one. Talk about a good deal!

Interchanging parts from different model-year trucks is nothing new. People have been doing it since the dawn of the hot-rod era, and sometimes the results are quite good. Other times, not so much. Most folks would be hard pressed to figure out exactly what this Frankenstein of a 1979 F-150 really is. Why? This Indianapolis area Craigslist find uses a total mishmash of F-Series components.

The comments section is already lighting up with astute readers “kindly” pointing out that this is not a 1979 F-150 front end. And, they would be right! It’s actually a 1973 “Dog House,” as the seller likes to call it. Probably because there’s a big, chromed dog hood ornament on the thing. Oh, and it tilts forward. Sigh…

Adding to the confusion, the mismatched body sits on top of a 1984 F-350 frame. Power comes from a 400M, which is backed up by a 4-speed with a Granny gear. The 4×4 sits up nice and high thanks to a 9″ suspension lift, 3″ body lift, and 42″ Wrangler Kevlar tires. Shocked yet? The one thing we’re not surprised about is the pair of train horns on the roof, which are powered by an air compressor located in the tool box.

It’s huge, in your face, ridiculous, and we’ll even dare say pretty darn cool. Yes, even despite the sacrilegious horrors it has faced at the bloody hands of its owner. At the asking price of $6,500, it’s also kind of cheap.

Just think of the fun you’ll have cruising around scaring the life out of people with the train horns!

1979 F-150

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